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5 Critical Components
to an Effective, Safer and Healthier Janitorial Program

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Let our experience speak for itself! Since our typical clients are buildings that are 30K sq ft + and/or multiple locations, we find that Building Managers cannot manage cleaning effectively in-house, but need to outsource. That’s where UBM comes in – our ability to support these large commercial spaces is proven in our results. Additionally, these sizable properties require exterior maintenance and light handyman support. Let UBM be your commercial facility’s all-inclusive service provider and remove the day-to-day hassle of your cleaning program.


Change doesn’t have to be painful. We understand that sometimes letting your current janitorial service go and starting over with a new one can seem intimidating and time consuming. Our Account Managers work directly with you to develop a streamlined solution for the transitional process, from selection of crew to type of equipment. This includes and initial deep clean (and restoration if needed) to ensure that we are beginning at the expected level of maintenance.

Client Exclusive Support Center

UBM offers 24-hour Emergency Service to UBM clients only. We do not respond to calls from other businesses on an as-needed basis. This provides guaranteed availability of our technicians to work accordingly. As a result, less tenant time is lost and permanent damage avoided.

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